February 04, 2008

What To Do When The Pain Of Holding Things In Overwhelms You

Sometimes when I'm bottling things up I feel like my body is going to burst from all the pressure. The pain can be from anything. Usually I feel this way, because I'm holding back tears or anger. These are my methods of calming and distracting myself.

Get some exercise. The endorphins make you feel better. I feel better when I'm moving, because I feel like I'm going somewhere instead of being stuck in a rut. It distracts me from my thoughts, because I'm focusing on what is happening physically. Some exercises are soothing, because they have a pattern. Two examples are rowing or yoga. You go through the same exercises over and over.

Listen to music. Its a relief to listen to music that echoes what you are feeling. It reminds me that I am not alone and others are going through this. When I feel like screaming I turn on music that screams, too. I'm not a fan of screamo music, but sometimes I can't scream in the place I'm in. Listening to screamo is the second best thing if you can't scream when you feel like it.

Tell someone how you are feeling. It is hard for me to tell someone when I'm in pain. Most people think I have the perfect life, because I never let anyone know when something is wrong. It's hard to trust people, but it is for the best. It lets you get everything you are feeling off your chest. It is better to share your pain with someone than alone.

Cry. Don't hold in the tears. If you are like me and won't cry in front of people unless you trust them than go in private and cry. Or cry with someone you trust. Someone who will cry with you or comfort you.

Don't continue doing stuff like nothing is wrong when you are upset. Your pain will only grow and you will probably do something you regret like lash out at someone you love.


C-Squared said...

Writing down how you feel is also a great way to get things out.

In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the main character, Charlie, talks about how when he's having a good experience, he tries to take in as many details as possible, so he later he can bring back those memories when he feels bad.

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