February 06, 2008

Methods For Figuring Out If a Guy Is Romantically Interested

Have you ever wondered if someone had a crush on you, but couldn't ask them to their face? This happens to me all the time. The most surefire way to find out is to flat out ask the person. However, I won't ever ask, because I don't want to take the chance of my heart getting broken. I prefer for the guy to make the first move. These are the methods I use to figure out whether or not he is interested.

He gets upset or jealous when you talk about other guys. The guy says things like, "He's not good for you." or "You deserve better." about every guy you say you are interested in. He might be romantically interested in you if he gets quiet when you talk about guys you think are hot if he is characteristically loud.
To experiment: When you are with him casually comment on how another guy is. Gauge his reaction. If he is unfazed he is either not into you or is hiding it. If he doesn't say anything it might be a sign he doesn't know what to say.

He finds any excuse to touch you. I don't mean sexually. It can be anything from examining a cut on your finger to his hands lingering when he passes you a pencil. He might just be a touchy feely person. So, this isn't a definite sign. Just pay attention to how much he touches people you are sure he isn't romantically inclined to and compare that to how he acts around you.

How does he maintain eye contact? This method will only be accurate if you compare how he maintains eye contact with other people. Compare how me maintains eye contact with other girls, because he just may not be comfortable around girls. If he shyly glances away a lot, but looks other girls in the eye than he is probably interested in you. If the two of you maintain an intense eye connection and when he talks to other girls it isn't usually that intense that that may be a sign.

As I said before none of these methods are surefire, but it can help gauge whether or not he interested in you. How do you tell if a guy or girl is interested in you? Do you use other methods? Did these methods work for you?


C-Squared said...

I totally do some of these things around girls I like, haha. Especially the one where if someone talks about another person they like, I become jealous and get really quiet.

Another thing would be if the boy randomly gives you presents or small things, or treats you in special ways, such as buying you a drink or some food.

There's no sure-fire way to know these things unless you just ask. Sometimes, a person can just be touchy-feely, or overprotective, especially if they're a good friend.

Selene said...

Glad I was right about the jealousy thing. I'll have to keep in mind the tip about guys buying you small things. I've learned something new :)

Yeah, I know a lot of guys whose personalities are just geared to be touchy-feely. However, if he isn't normally that way around girls he doesn't like than he might be romantically interested.

mon said...

Hi! Selene, Nice site.Very interesting topic you got! Keep it up!

Cher said...

Thanks for visiting OnlyintheApple! I think you're offering great advice. As for your cat...my grandmom's cat used to do the same thing when she was pissed at her. One of mine purposely knocks over their food bowl and makes a mess when he's mad at me. Lol, so funny that they have human traits.

Anonymous said...

"He gets upset or jealous when you talk about other guys."

This is not necessarily true. if you do it excessively than anyone is gonna call you out on how much you talk about them. but also depends on the guy. Some will keep it quietly to themselves and worry about it in private because they dont wanna seem jealous. It also may DISCOURAGE him! making him think that since your talking to him about other guys that he is a FRIEND not a potential BOYFRIEND! DONT DO THIS!

"He finds any excuse to touch you."

Touching is the first way to attraction. Its mostly done by GIRLS tho. A guy might be too nervous to touch you until he is comfortable that his intentions wont be confused. He'll obviously be more comfortable touching someone he ISNT attracted to.

"How does he maintain eye contact?"

this is open for interpretation and varies. its too broad.

im guessing you do this for your own fun or just a hobby. But you should put a disclaimer so that people dont really think its factual stuff.

Anonymous said...

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