January 16, 2008

Fashion and I = Oil and Vinegar

As you can probably tell by the title, I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Our school pretty much thrives on fashion & appearances, & I personally think they care way too much about it. It’s not that I don’t like fashion, it’s just that if I look at something & like it, it could be hideous to everyone else. I just never grew up with that sense, & I’ve come to realize it in about the 9th grade. I usually never paid attention to how everyone dressed. But it’s like you have to keep up with the fashion or fall behind.

I’ve noticed that once you hit high school, everyone has their personal looks that goes along with what kind of person they are. I’m still trying to find out what kind of person I am as many others are & I’ve settled on “multiple personalities disorder” for now. ;]

Anyway, at times I decide to just stop trying so hard to at least look a little bit presentable, with a normal outfit & whatnot. I’ve decided to not try to develop a sense of style, but just to dress like, whatever. I try to be comfortable, because that’s what I feel happy in. I have much better days in things that look bum-ish than days when I dress all up & feel totally uncomfortable. So screw fashion! (sorry Selene!)

Psh, I don’t need fashion, I’m cool enough to make up for it ;] (Not cocky, promise)


Selene said...

In my opinion style is about wearing what you like and not caring what others think of you. Last year I used to wear the same stuff as everyone else, because some people didn’t approve of the stuff I really liked. This summer I was just like, “Screw it. I’m tired of trying to be the person everyone wants me to be. It’s time to start being the person I want me to be.”

When I wear an outfit as long as I feel comfortable in it that is the only thing that matters. If I feel beautiful in it and the rest of the world says it is ugly I wouldn’t care. You can’t impress everyone and you will forget to think of yourself if you try.
My suggestion is to try on the stuff you love even though you feel self conscious about wearing. For me the only purpose of a fashion magazine is to look for stuff I like. Embrace the way you are and try on the stuff you want to wear. If people don’t like you for what you wear than they aren’t your friends.

PhiRatE said...

Dress is a mode of communication, it's a way of talking to people who look at you without having to actually engage in conversation. This is why you know you have to dress smart for a funeral - it's a sign of respect, that you communicate to the rest of the people there.

In my opinion, the most effective clothing wearers are not those who have an individual unique style, but those who can communicate the best regardless of the situation. You should be able to do a minimum of:

I respect you
I am confident and competent
I am relaxed and friendly
I am energetic and enthusiastic
I am attractive and dazzling
I am quiet and melancholy

Each of these has critical use over a given year, from events like weddings or funerals, to giving the right impression during interviews, dates, and every day.

Most people learn bits of these cues via osmosis, but conscious recognition of it leads to much more balanced choices of clothing when shopping, better selections of clothing for events, and more self-awareness with regard to moods.

The same applies to other visual things, from shoes to makeup and even to hairstyle.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Why don't u post up ur cool pic??? I am sure u look very very cool! Have a very nice day!

grazy said...

Heyah Selene! I think as long as you feel comfortable on what you wear or how you look and you dress properly according to the occasion e.g formal party means wearing formal, funeral means wearing clothes that shows respect to the person who died and the family.

And for me simplicity is beauty. It doesn't matter how expensive or how beautiful the dress are, it is how you carry yourself on what ever you wear. =D

Abby.W said...

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Gabriella Diaz said...

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