January 18, 2008


Ugh, don't we all hate them.

Well, they're all over for me, and they weren't all that bad :] They even helped one of my grades!

Yes, I'm one of those overachieving students who cares very much about my grades, and sometimes it seems like all I care about. I sometimes need to sit back and relax, and not waste my whole high school career worrying so much.

Sometimes I wonder, what's the point of trying so hard? We go to school, only to prepare us for a job, and pay bills. This is when I realize the importance of being involved, just having fun sometimes. Being involved in something we love, being with friends, etc. I don't care for parties, and usually all it takes to make me happy is sitting in the bookstore on my Friday nights.

I'm so concerned about my grades because, wouldn't it be nice to get a very well paying job, so that bills wouldn't be such an issue? It'd be great to be able to buy such nice things for myself, and my kids (when and if I have them), of course not to the point where we're spoiled. I want to be educated, and think that expenses are no big thing, while appreciating the value of money.

Besides, good grades will only help you, no matter what.

My advice: You have to go to school anyways, do the stuff while you're there and don't waste your time. It can only benefit you.

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A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

I'm very impressed at both of your consistency in posting on your blog.

I wanted to mention to you that you're absolutely right about grades only helping you in the future, but not to forget that it's more about the learning than the grades themselves.

It's easy to "do what the teachers expect" and get good grades - and that is generally rewarded most. However, this is dangerous way to go about getting the good grades, because you can lose yourself and your creativity in the process.

Don't necessarily just think about getting a good paying job - think about having financial freedom - and that might mean becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business. School, often, teaches you how to be a great employee - but it doesn't necessarily teach you what you need to know to own your own business. You'll have to keep that creativity and your passion for learning alive to learn that.

Bravo, girls.

A. Caleb Hartley
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