January 29, 2008

A Letter From A Child I've Never Met Is Making Me Appreciate Life

Yesterday I received a letter that made my day. It was from the impoverished child in Thailand who I had chosen to sponsor. When I first began sponsoring her I was supposed to write a letter introducing myself. Sadly, I never got around to it.

Yesterday I was really sore from crew and all I could think about was taking a nice long shower and going on the computer. When I opened the letter the first thing I saw was a hand drawn picture. I felt a sense of awe as a gazed at the picture of three girls colored in crayons. I just couldn't get over the fact that someone had taken time out of their day to draw a picture for me. Someone they never met. Someone who hadn't taken the time to even write to them.

I realized how consumed I had become in my own personal issues. All I was able to see was high school and my after school activities. I realized how much I took for granted: my computer, the mall, cars, ect. I had so much and yet I didn't even fully appreciate it. I have a feeling this child doesn't even know what a computer is let alone a blog.

This elementary student reminded me what a magnificent thing love is and that we don't need all these material items to be happy. She was ecstatic that I had chosen to sponsor her. But as I read the letter I felt was the lucky one. This fourth grader could teach me so much about life.

If you are interested in also sponsoring a child please go to the Compassion website. You can choose from a variety of children and it may change your life. Helping someone is the best feeling in world. Even if you can't sponsor a child than try to go out of your way today to help someone. You won't regret it.


mariam said...

Now that is an inspiring post.

Even though I set aside money for charity each year, I have to admit it is always with a mental escape clause. I pull out whenever I want.

I had looked into sponsoring a child before but to me, it was a lifelong commitment and I take commitments very, very seriously. I would never ever want to break the trust of a child.

But seeing you mature enough to handle this, gives me pause that I should review my decision as well...

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

Selene, O_O

You're very noble! ^_^

However, USD 32.00 per month is a bit much for me to comprehend at the moment. :D

Perhaps later when I am making mad amounts of moolah off my site. :p

Good write up, mate.

Thanks for sharing this. :)

C-Squared said...

To me, there has always been a special power in drawings and sketches. Not like an expertly-crafted piece of art meant to hang in a museum, but just something a person whipped up for you.

Every day in English, I open up my notebook and find this page where my friend Sam and I drew some crazy stuff. there's a cow and some ham, and explosions and other dorky, badly-drawn things. But it's a reminder of the fun we had that one day, so it's special even without being really good art. Those kind of drawings can hold so much meaning. :)

A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

The more I read your blog, the more impressed I am. You said you didn't know much about the environment - but when it comes to social justice and support, you are head and shoulders above most of the people I know.

Kudos for your kindness...

A. Caleb Hartley
Environmentaslism is social justice!

Selene said...

I have a tip for saving the charity money. Think of the money as an investment in the child's life. Think of how it is positively changing your life and hers whenever you reach for the money. What you are giving is priceless.

It's my pleasure sharing it. When I first started sponsoring her I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but this letter has changed everything. I feel such a connection to this girl. I don't have as much spending money, but I think that this girl needs stuff way more than I need clothes or impulsive buys.

The drawing is special to me, because she took the time out of her day to draw something for someone she has never met or talked to. The drawing wasn't expertly drawn, but it is precious to me. I can look at it when I'm having a bad day and remind myself that someone cares.

That's very sweet of you to say. I believe in helping people in whatever way I can. People give to me and this is my way of giving back.

Vienne said...

Selene, you are wise beyond your years. It's impressive and heart-warming to read about a high school student who is not only sensitive to the plights of others, but takes action. How special of you to pause your own activities and thoughts and make a young child a priority.

I'm not THAT far away from my high school years (well, okay, maybe I am...I'm in my 30s) that I can't remember my own mindset back then. I don't think I would have made time for something like you're doing.

Cheers to you and best wishes for many letter exchanges. I really enjoy your blog. See you soon, Vivienne

Selene said...

@ Vienne
I'm glad you enjoy my blog. This sponsorship is my way of giving back to the world. I believe every penny of the sponsorship is worth it and I get just as much out of it as she does. I believe the feeling of giving is priceless.

Akash said...

All are you in this arterial are much more wise to thing like that.
that would be very good for think safety of human